The Story of My Dolls
Vintage, Historical and Primitive Cloth Dolls

Estelle Ansley Worrell Doll
1830's costume

The Suffragettewas made from a
Butterick pattern designed in the late 1800's for a Challenge on the
Vintage Cloth Dollmaker's Forum

To me the face looks like it is staring out of the past.

The body is tea-dyed. The arms are attached with 'puppet' joints. The face and shoulders have been painted with acrylic paint and 'distressed
to make them look old.

Tips for Aging Primitive Dolls


Family Heirloom
Miss Lucy must be about 100.
I believe she is wearing her original dress

Worrell Doll in her Undies

Darling Gertrude-a china doll
passed down through the family

Suffragette re-wigged

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