The Story of My Dolls
Swaps & Challenges


Sonia Brock at her doll club, "Dolly Delights"

Heather Gailey Flower Fairy

Flower Fairy from a Dolly Delights Club Swap
Pin Doll Swap
My Pattern as developed by
Heather Gailey

Treleaven Musclemania pin doll
My Musclemania Swap pin doll was made by Christine Treleaven in Sydney, Australia. He is 4" tall, all muscle and man enough to get away with wearing puce short shorts.

Blues Mama
My 'take' on May Lee-Jarvis' Grande Dame pattern.

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F.O.C.D Crow Swap June 2005
Seated crow by Annilee and Crow Jane by myself
(click for larger picture)

Pin Doll portrait of Sonia Brock

From the Dolly Delights
Toronto Doll Club

It's a portrait of me :-)

Felted Head
Won in a Draw
At Dolly Delights


Grande Dame

Grande Dame
by May Lee-Jarvis in London Ontario

Clown and Elf
Juggling Clown doll made by Joan Taylor,
3 balls & his heart are in the bag :-)
The Elf was made by me from a Margaret Blatchford pattern
Gorgeous George -  a wrestling legend
My 'Musclemania Swap pin