The Story of My Dolls
Goths wear their wounds on the Outside.
Halloween Jack

Light side, meet my dark side.
Alter Ego, aka "Ziggy"

Bit of a bondage them here.

My first Golly - 5" tall
Something is haunting him

I started making a simple pin doll in a red robe with red tinsel trim and a red felt bonnet trimmed with pearl seed beads. She has little imitation black leather boots and a belt to match. Her face has the most wistful expression. She seems to be saying "All I wanted was a few dates and some nice clothes and here I am stuck at the North Pole with Elves for company and nothing to wear but red. Life isn't
Harem Lady
Santa's Daughter

Zombie of the Roses - a work in progress

My 'Bat Cat', Tara