The Story of My Dolls

About eBay

 I have tried to sell surplus doll patterns on eBay. Some sell (by designers) and some do not. When sold it is often at below market prices, unless rare.

 I have learned that there are sites and clubs for vintage pattern fanciers

For an on line catalogue try

 If you were to sell a doll on eBay you probably would not get full market value but you can put a 'reserve' on it so that if the price you want is not met then there is no sale. There is or soon will be an extra charge for "reserve" items.

 Learn the market by observing before you jump in with a buy or a sell.

 When you see an item you sort of like click on "Watch this item" on the right column and it will be placed in your 'My eBay' Watch how the money moves. That's an education in itself.