The Story of My Dolls
Beadelia Pin Doll Pattern
       You may need to enlarge the pattern a bit to make it 4" to 4 1/2 " tall

Beadelia Pin Doll Instructions

Beautiful Beadelia is a 4" tall pin doll. Her hair is beaded using 6 black beads.
Using a slim needle string 6 black beads and then go back through the black beads starting at the 3rd bead.

Her earrings are made of a red bead, a bugle bead a larger glass bead and 3 red beads.
Put the thread through these then go back through the blue bead, bugle and first red bead.

Beadlia's mouth is 3 red beads in a triangle.
Her nose is a brown bead and her eyes are 2 larger pearl beads with a black bead at the center.

Her arms are made of the sleeve fabric and not stuffed or very lightly stuffed.
Her hands are sewn in a circle. pulled tight and very lightly stuffed.
Sew them to the hemmed sleeve ends before you sew and turn.

Beadelia has a lace collar or scarf and her apron is sewn to her body with another piece of lace.

The hands on the finished arms are sewed to her apron front.

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