The Story of My Dolls

My name is Sonia Brock and I live in Toronto, Ontario and I make

Cloth Art Dolls

  I am a cloth doll maker.  I have dolls peeping out from every flat surface around my apartment. Since I am a web designer, I am able to share my love of dolls with other doll collectors and makers through this web site. For many years I made simple, loveable cloth dolls with nice dresses for my nieces, but now I make dolls mostly for me and for those who collect my dolls.

Knitting pin doll
I knit therefore I am


I have discovered a great Doll Club which is currently looking for new members

I also make ATCs (Digital Artist Trading Cards)

I am thinking of making some Steampunk dolls,
Since I like to recreate vintage dolls
Off Book / PBS / Steampunk Video

I am a Podcaster and I record free autobiographical mp3s